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We are NHS Máquinas e Serviços
A little about our history

Company History

In 2011, two entrepreneurs from a traditional family in the beverage industry of the interior of São Paulo met a designer who had knowledge in the development and manufacture of industrial machines for frying potatoes. In July of the same year, they founded the NHS Máquinas e Serviços.

The partners have adopted an Eagle as logo, as it holds high flights, has long-range vision and great capacity to reinvent itself. The first
project developed by the new company was an industrial potato fryer, which boosted its growth, as it presented higher productivity with lower operating costs compared to the national competitors.

NHS Máquinas has then developed and commercialized the entire line of equipment to serve small and medium-sized French fries manufacturers. Consequently, a new type of customer began to emerge, companies selling fruits and vegetables (FLV) ready for consumption.

Entrepreneurs have researched and understood the market that has made them curious, have identified a growing and promising segment that needed a state-of-the-art vegetable washer. After a long research and development work, they launched the Intelligent Bubble System Washing Machine (LSIB). This machine is able to sanitize more than 500 kg per hour of leafy vegetables with greater efficiency than any other washing machine already produced in Brazil.

In a few months, NHS Máquinas e Serviços had already implemented more than five LSIBs in the market and, through the serious and honest work it had been doing, won the trust of executives in the sector. In 2014, the brothers, partners and founders Paulo Romano Schincariol, Administrator and Fabio Henrique Schincariol, Mechanical Engineer, started to have all the quotas of the company, directing their efforts and strategies in the development of solutions for sanitized and minimally processed vegetables. Today, with more than 20 equipments in their portfolio, countless projects implemented by Brazil and committed to their mission, vision and values, NHS Maquinas e Serviços has been bringing greater growth and safety opportunities to their clients every day, being a reference in technology for hygiene and minimal processing of FLV.


Develop differentiated machines and equipment and provide excellent service, generating profit and satisfaction to our customers, employees and shareholders.


Be recognized as the best and most reliable Brazilian manufacturer of machines and equipment for processing fruit, vegetables and greens.

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